The Eyrie by Ted Nasmith, from A World of Ice and Fire

On the surface, everything in the Vale seems to go as Littlefinger has planned. The Lords Declarants are in his pocket, Harry the Heir is enamored by Alayne, the tourney for Winged Knights presents a good occasion to get someone killed if necessary. Littlefinger’s end goal is a mystery, and he is known to act in a way that will appear to act against him only for confusing his opponents. But we can theorize about what the other characters in the Vale will be planning. Let’s analyse their resources and interests.

 Part I. Inhabitants of the Eyrie, and their interestes

  1. Petyr Baelish – Unpredictable. Wants everything.
  2. Alayne Stone – Does not want Sweetrobin to die, does not want the lords of the Vale to harm Petyr, does not want anyone to find out her identity, wants to ensure her betrothal with Harry the Heir for safety rather than love. Has a tendency to close her eyes to unpleasant truths. Distorts her own memories, has a soft spot for Hound. Kind natured, neither as wary of people nor a good player as she likes to believe herself to be, does not care about the ill-effects of sweetsleep on Robert Arryn. The only family she has hopes of meeting is her half-brother, Jon Snow. Other than the Vale, the only place she can escape to is the Wall (as of now). Believes the rest of her family is dead. Knows about the Ironborn betrayal of Starks. Hates Walder Frey and wants him to suffer. Loves lemoncakes.
  3. Robert “Sweetrobin” Arryn – Weak and sickly. Bad eyesight. Loves the stories of winged knight. Loves to make people fly. Has a child’s crush on Alayne. Fiercely possessive of Alayne. Jealous and wary of Harry the Heir. Hates singers. Has good hair. Hates other people touching his hair (because of trauma associated with his mother’s death). Has unhealthy levels on sweetsleep in his body, more amounts could prove fatal. Likes the company of Myranda Royce. Afraid of Petyr Baelish. Prideful and vain (Wanted 8 knights, 1 than the seven of Kingsguard). Loves sweet foods. Loves lemoncakes.
  4. Maester Colemon – Loyal servant of House Arryn. Has Sweetrobin’s health as the highest priority. Helpless to oppose Petyr and Alayne’s orders. Baffled at the accusation that he put something ‘vile’ in Robin’s drink. Has some private guesses/theories about Sweetrobin’s health condition and his reaction to sweetsleep.
  5. Mya Stone – King Robert’s eldest bastard. Has dragon’s blood and king’s blood. Black hair, blue eyes, strong and tall. Mule girl. Not a maid. Betrayed in love by Mychel Redfort. May harbor hate to Yohn Royce and the Redforts, and highborns in general. Love interest of Lothor Brune. Friends with Alayne and Myranda. Not popular with sweetrobin. Straightforward and lacking tact.
  6. Lothor Brune – Littlefinger’s right hand. Acts warmhearted towards Sansa. Does not think much of Harrold Hardyng, calls him an upjumped squire. Atrracted to Mya Stone. Despises the higher branch of House Brune in Crownlands as they turned him away. Good fighter. Relays information to Littlefinger.
  7. Ser Shadrich the Mad Mouse – Orange hair, short stature, hedge knight. Fought for Stannis at the Battle of Blackwater, could not pay the ransom. About forty years of age, has survived many battles. Met Brienne and Pod in the Riverlands. Looking for Sansa Stark to get Varys’s pack of gold. Smart enough to figure out Alayne Stone is Sansa Stark. Interested in gold more than anything else. Despite being a member of LF’s guard, Shadrich is probably the only person in the Vale who is most definitely not in league with Littlefinger. When Alayne finds the tourney lists ruffled, the window was open, and it is assumed that the mad mouse was going through the papers to fix the lists. If he manages to kidnap Sansa, he could take her to Cersei for a lordship, or to Varys (who is not working ofr Cersei anymore, but is in KL all the same). Sansa being heir to Winterfell, Mad Mouse could also take her North to Stannis, whom he served in Blackwater. Other theories about Shadrich claim he is Howland Reed, or a Tully bastard.
  8. Mord – Mord is the jailer of the sky cells. He is mean and cruel and likes playing ‘games’ with the prisoners. He shares Hot Pie’s view about people who can read and write. Tyrion kept his promise by giving Mord all the gold he had, and if Tyrion ever visits Mord (or ends up in the sky cells) again, Mord will be much easier on Tyrion. Although Tyrion gave Mord more gold than all he could earn as the turnkey at Vale, Mord continues to stay at the Vale. Maybe Mord spent most of the gold on wine and women, but he certainly have some stored as a teeth (Sansa notices this with surprise). It seems a bag full of golden dragons are enough to turn Mord.

Part II. Myranda Royce.

Main points:

  • Myranda wants to marry Harrold Hardyng and views Alayne as a rival.
  • Myranda suspects that Alayne is not Littlefinger’s daughter
  • After the conversation with Alayne, Myranda learns that Alayne is Sansa Stark
  • Myranda also learns that Littlefinger’s catspaw, Ser Lothor Brune is romantically interested in Mya Stone.

An detailed analysis explaining the above conclusions is given here

Part III. Tourney of Winged Knights

A discussion of the various characters present for the tourney of Winged Knights – Mychel Redfort, Harry the Heir, Rolland Waynwood, Shadrich, the Sunderlands, etc.



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