I have seen a lot of readers, especially women, claiming Cersei to be theri favorite PoV, and how they ‘love to hate her’ etc etc, but post ASOS, I find nothing feminist in Cersei, but quite the contrary. Cersei is more sexist than even some men in the series (and that tells a lot). She looks down on all other women for the mere reason they are women (‘hens’). She looks down on all men too, because with the exception of Jaime and Tywin, they are lesser than what she could have been if she was born male. She believes (as evident from her conversation with Sansa and her actions throughout the series) the best way for a woman to get what she wants is to use ‘the weapon between her legs’, and by extension any plain or ugly woman, like Brienne, are completely useless and detestable. Cersei has picked up a few things from her father, but unfortunately in an incomplete manner(she knows one can rule with fear, but she doesn’t exactly nail down whom to intimidate and whom to please), resulting in her becoming an inept ruler.

Contrast this with Catelyn, who grew up in almost same conditions as Cersei – she also gets upset when she feels neglected or not taken serious enough just because she is a woman, but not as bitterly as Cersei, and Catelyn is able to command a certain amount of respect and loyalty from her son’s bannermen. No spreading legs required.

[Modified from a Reddit comment]


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