Spoilers everything – 6 books and sample chapters, 63 aired episodes of the HBO show, the information regarding script and shooting leaks for all episodes in season 7.

That said, most of these are existing theory, taken for granted by GNC believers. Still, I think the events from S6 and S7 confirms many of these, so I’m listing them for future reference (when the book gets published next year or therabouts).


  1. Jon will be resurrected. Ghost, Bran and Bloodraven may play a role.
  2. Stannis will win battle of Ice
  3. Shireen will be sacrificed to fire by Stannis
  4. Roose and Ramsay will be killed.
  5. Dany’s supporters will win battle of Fire in Meereen
  6. Dany will be captured by the Pono’s khalasar, but she will end up uniting all Khalasars and returning to Meereen or Volantis
  7. Dany will make Tyrion the Hand of the Queen
  8. Dany will travel west, to Westeros
  9. Arya will leave Braavos and start for Westeros.
  10. Myrcella and Tommen will die. At least one of them will die at Dornish hands.
  11. Randyll Tarly (and probably Matthis Rowan too) will join team Aegon.
  12. Sansa and the Valyrian steel dagger will be involved in Littlefinger’s death.
  13. Randyll and Dickon will die, leaving Sam to become the eventual Lord of Horn Hill.
  14. Sam will not complete his education at the Citadel.
  15. Bran will return to Winterfell.
  16. Hodor will die.
  17. Davos will find Rickon.
  18. Jon will leave the Night’s Watch
  19. There will be a second Red Wedding and the Freys will all die. Most probably this is Daven Lanniter’s wedding, so some of the Lannisters will also die. Lady Stoneheart and/or Brynden Tully, and the Brotherhood will be involved. Probably also Nymeria’s pack and a returned Arya Stark.
  20. Tyrion will take Casterly Rock for Dany, by taking advantage of his knowledge of the drainage system and possible secret tunnels.


  1. Arianne will marry Aegon.
  2. Dorne will join forces with Aegon.
  3. Cersei will win her trial, but Margaery may lose. (Unless the Faith requests a trial by  Seven).
  4. Barristan will either die in the Battle of Fire or leave Dany to join Aegon. And then die.
  5. Theon and Asha will survive the Battle of Ice.
  6. Victarion will survive the Battle of Fire (thanks to Moqorro), at least long enough to give his ships to Dany.
  7. Jon will be made King in the North, per Robb’s Will.
  8. Theon or Ramsay will kill Roose. If not, Roose will kill Ramsay.
  9. Aegon will take Storm’s End.
  10. Aegon will march to King’s Landing.
  11. Jaime will return to King’s Landing (to kill Cersei?).
  12. Jojen will die.

Will be updated as the season airs and I get ideas…



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